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Wedding receptions and parties

The most beautiful day in your memories

Start Receptions Wedding receptions and parties

The wedding reception will always remain the most beautiful day in your memories and on the photographs. Take advantage of our many years of experience and let us organize a celebration according to your wishes.

Kocierz Hotel&SPA provides comprehensive assistance and unique ideas regarding the wedding ceremony. We help you choose the right wedding room, menu, music band and floral decorations, we organize your hairdresser's and make-up, we advise wedding fashion salons, and we provide a comfortable accommodation for wedding guests.

Additional attractions

Additional attractions during the wedding reception

At your request, we will organize additional attractions during the wedding reception, such as:

  • the highlander folk band show
  • the bartender's show
  • fire eating
  • foggy dance
  • chocolate fountain
  • a photo booth
  • an illusionist or comedian show
  • a cartoonist
  • games for Guests
  • activities for the youngest children

You can also organize a wedding ceremony at Kocierz Hotel&SPA on our terraces with a beautiful view.

Our hotel is also an ideal place to organize your wedding anniversary, birthday or baptism party. We will help you organize your event from start to finish and guarantee that all Guests will have a great time.

Kocierz Hotel&SPA

ul.Beskidzka 206, Targanice,
34-120 Andrychów

T: +48 *** pokaż

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