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Conference centre and integration events

success based on the experience of a professional team

Start Business Conference centre and integration events

Kocierz Hotel&SPA is also a conference centre, consisting of four rooms with high standard of design and equipment. Technological modernity is combined with elegance, emphasizing the prestige of organized events. We provide our contractors with complete working environment, professional assistance and unconventional solutions.

The organization of a business event in Kocierz Hotel&SPA is a success, based on the experience of a professional team and reliable solutions.

  • Professional conference rooms with excellent acoustics and professional equipment that can accommodate up to 250 people.
  • Modern multimedia equipment, including multimedia projectors, flipchart boards, microphones and high-speed internet connection.
  • A rich and flexible culinary service, from coffee and lunch breaks, hot buffets to sumptuous banquets.
  • Many possibilities of building business relations and recreation thanks to a wide range of hotel attractions.
  • Comfortable accommodation in 93 rooms and suites, of a high standard.

Integration events

successful integration of employees -  fun and relaxation

Kocierz Hotel&SPA also guarantees the successful integration of employees, providing fun and relaxation, all supported by a delicious menu. The memory of the integration event in our hotel will be remembered by its participants for years.

We organise various forms of entertainment:

  • A regional feast to the sounds of a highlander folk band and with a set of activities, including various integration games, e. g. a tree-cutting tournament
  • Themed events with a theme suited to the Client's needs, e. g. Latin night, Sabbath with witches, retro party.
  • Outdoor entertainment with the right dose of adrenaline - zorbing, gravity platform, paragliding, paintball in the field, and in winter: a winter ropes course, dog sledding and snowmobiling, helicopter flights.
  • Team building activities (year-round) to strengthen the work and commitment of the team.

Kocierz Hotel&SPA

ul.Beskidzka 206, Targanice,
34-120 Andrychów

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