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We offer three wedding rooms at our Guests' disposal, differing in style and size.


Kocierzanka - Elegant ballroom

Number of people: 80-180

The conference-ball room is the perfect choice for bigger parties. The decoration of this room is the most modern and versatile of all our proposals. You can individually select the colours of decorations and lighting of the room.

Elegant, glazed patio and an outdoor terrace, from which you can enjoy beautiful views, is an additional advantage of the ballroom. It is also a place for an intimate civil wedding.


Cosy Villa Lamus 

Number of people: 30-60

„Villa Lamus” will serve as a place for more intimate wedding parties. The room is decorated in a timeless fashionable romantic rustic style. An additional advantage of the room is a terrace with a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

Baciarska Chata 

Number of people: 80-250

Baciarska Chata is a two-storey cottage in the regional style, ideal for Guests who dream of a wedding party in a highlander atmosphere. Natural wood, bright, spacious rooms and a unique panoramic view of the mountains guarantee a great party and unforgettable experience.

Sala Świerkowa ( Spruce Chamber )

A unique, intimate room with a wall made of spruce discs. Windows facing the nearby forest make you feel a part of the surrounding nature. Perfect for evening family meetings or a glass of wine with friends.

Sala Widokowa ( Landscape Chamber )

This cosy and spacious room is ideal for corporate meetings and partying with friends. The panoramic windows allow you to admire the soothing greenery of the forest and nearby mountains. The comfortable armchairs and warm cushions emphasize the home character of the room.

Izba Biała ( White Chamber )

This intimate, bright room adjoins the Robber Chamber. Natural wood, sloping roofs and regional decor make the White Chamber a friendly space that encourages you to spend time here in a nice company.

Izba Zbójnicka ( Robber Chamber )

A spacious room decorated in the highlander style. Wooden finishes, sloping roofs and discreet decorations create a cosy atmosphere. It is an excellent proposal for a special reception for a larger group of guests.

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