Cosmetics treatments


Wellness pedicure

approx. 2h / 190

Removing thickened epidermis using a file drill beauty care with painting toenails. Additional foot scrub and paraffin foot bath.

Biological pedicure

approx. 1,5h / 150

Removing thickened epidermis using a file drill and beauty care with painting toenails.

Paraffin foot bath

approx. 0,5h / 70

Manicure - treatments for hands


approx. 1,5h / 140

Removal of cuticles and care of nails with painting. Plus a hand exfoliation treatment, mask and parafiin hand bath

Biological manicure

approx. 1h / 80

A hand exfoliation treatment, removal and cuticles and nail care with painting

Hybrid manicure

approx. 1,5h / 120

Removal of hybrid manicure


Parafin hand bath

approx. 0,5h / 70

Intensive nourishment of hands

approx. 1h / 120

Deep nourishing treatment for dry skin of hard working hands.The skin is moisturized , soft and silky to the touch.


Water from laguna

approx. 0,5h / 100

Sensual relaxing bath

Milky bath

approx. 0,5h / 100

Moisturizing milk bath

Crystal bath

approx. 0,5h / 150

regenerating-refreshing bath with sparkling THALGO crystals



Facial massage with mask THALGO

approx. 45min / 180


approx. 20 min / 80


approx. 0,5h / 100


approx. 0,5h / 60

Whole body relaxation

approx. 45min / 180

Stress releasing massage


Intensive massage on a heated MLX QUARZ couch witch has a deep effect on tense and painful muscles. It aeses the pain and releases stress immediately

Chocolate massage

approx. 45min / 190

Whole body massage with chocolate

SPA massage

APPROX. 1h 15min / 220

SPA relaxing massage the entire body preceded by peeling.

Hot stones

approx. 45min / 160

Combines elements of acupressure, aromatherapy and thermotherapy.


approx. 45min / 180

A very gentle massage of the whole body using mainly the stroking technique.


approx. 45min / 220

The purpose of massage is to restore a harmonious flow of energy , to provide physical vitality , emotional and spiritual balance, ayurwedic massage. The head relaxes any tension

Facial treatments

Anti wrinkle treatments


approx. 45min / 280

Intensive moisturizing treatment for “first wrinkles” using a mask saturated with a high concentrate of natura soluble collagen. Used to increase skin brightness and make your skin perfectly moisturised and silky smooth.


approx. 45min / 300

Instants results thanks to the action of microspheres with hyaluronic acid molecules. When they get in contact with water they increase in volume and push out your wrinkles from the inside.


APPROX. 1h 15min / 350

Luxury rejuvenating and lifting treatment. Highly concentrated active ingredients and an innovative massage technique to produce instant lifting effect. Treatment to redefine the oval of your face and to tone and tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

Face treatments using medicinal and innovative iBEAUTY technology-combination of facial treatments with the latest generation cosmetic device


approx. 45min / 180

Intensive face-cleansing and smoothing treatment


approx. 45min / 180

Intensive moisturizing and smoothing treatment


approx. 45min / 180

Intensive smoothing and filling treatment


approx. 45min / 180

Intensive firming and lifting treatment

Exfoliating and cleansing treatments


approx. 45min / 200

A modern method of mechanical exfoliation of the upper layers of the skin +mask

Ultrasonic exfoliation treatment

approx. 45min / 180

Painless cleansing of residual keratinized layer of the epidermis and sebaceous gland secretions with active serum .

Thalgo - treatment to moisturise, oxygenate and nourish your skin

Absolute Hydration Ritual

approx. 45min / 230

Moisturizing and relaxing treatment for dehydrated skin. It ensures long-lasting moisture and stimulates the natural skin detoxication process, ensuring its fresh and radiant appearance.

Cold Cream Marine Ritual

approx. 45min / 230

Treatment with the use of Cold Cream Marine products ensures long-lasting nourishment, moisture and comfort for delicate and sensitive skin.

Purete Marine Ritual

approx. 45min / 200

Professional, therapeutic treatment , adapted to oily, sebborheic and acne skin. The treatment gently cleanses and cares for problematic skin.

Iluminating radiance

approx. 45min / 190

Illuminating and beauty face treatment for every skin type. The treatment aims at moisturizing, nourishing and smoothening epidermis. It removes the signs of tiredness, restores radiant and healthy appearance to the skin.

Renovation radicale treatment

approx. 45min / 290

Treatment inspired by needle mesotherapy. Treatment to care demanding skin which needs restoration and regeneration.

Clear Expert Treatment


was created as a unique illuminating and rejuvenating program with prowitamin C which restores natural radiance, brightness of the skin , helps to reduce or eliminate discoloration . Exclusive THALGO treatment where full care is given to the face , neck,cleavage and hands

Facial treatments for men

Ocean Treatment for Men

approx. 45min / 230

Energizing and moisturising Treatment for men. Designed to even out the texture of your skin and soothe skin with irritation after shaving.

Black Tea

approx. 45min / 230

Energetizing - moisturizing body treatment. Created to anhance the health of your skin. Tea extract has strong antioxydant properties

Treatments around the eyes

Eye Expert Treatment

approx. 40min / 130

Intensive treatment on eye area. A new eyecare line is a solution to all problems. The treatment will restore a radiant look, reduce shadows and bags under your eyes.

Body ceremonies

Body ceremonies

Kocierz ritual for the body

approx. 1h 15min / 290

An exclusive massage on the MLX QUARZ bed using hot sand stamps. Thanks to the combination of warm sand therapy we influence our body, activate other reflective zones, stimulate circulation and remove toxins.


approx. 2h / 340

A sensual, nourishing and relaxing treatment. This Polynesian ritual invites you to a sensual journey through the Polynesian Islands. Four stops on the islands of Tahaa, Manihi, Bora Bora and Raiatea will take you to an exotic land of relaxation. The preparations used in the ritual include the age-old care substances traditionally used in the Polynesian Islands.


approx. 2h 30min / 370

A relaxing ceremony for the body. It is an offer for people who are stressed and who need relaxation. The treatment restores well-being, regenerates, moisturizes and smoothes the skin.

Prodige Des Oceanes Face & Body Ritual


Intensive regenerative -rejuvenating face and body ritual. The ritual combines the elements of 7 massage techniques , including Kobido massage , effectively improves smoothness of the skin -smoth,moisturizes, accelerates the synthesis of suport fiers of the skin and hyaluronic acid, reduces the visibility and the numer of wrinkles. The skin regains smoothness, elasticity, uniform color and youthful appearance



A package of treatments designed for both of you and for friends who want to spend time only for themselves.Relaxing massage of the whole body combined with energizing body peeling and Ayurwedic head massage which additionally relaxes all tension

Moisturizing & regenerating treatments

Cold Cream Marine Body

approx. 1h 15min / 250

regenerating and nourishing for dry and sensitive skin.The Cold Cream Marine Complex relives tension and discomfort

Mandarine & Mango

approx. 45min / 230

vitamin bomb for the skin.Perfectly moisturizes the skin ,softens it .Additionally, it has a regenerating effect on the epidermis , helps in the initial phase of the fight against stretch marks, soothes irritated and dry skin and accelerates wound healing. The composition of carefully selected active ingredients restores velvetiness.

Sweet chocolate world

approx. 45min / 260

A firming and relaxing treatment for the body performed in a SPA capsule. Sensory stimulating, mood-enhancing treatment prevents the skin from aging, leaving it soft and velvety smooth.

Slimming, anti-celullite and firming treatments

Perfect Body Sculpt Treatment

approx. 1h 15min / 290

intensive modeling and anti-cellulite treatment. Innovative treatment that effectively fights cellulite and body imperfections.Increases skin elasticity and firmness.Treatment applied on selected parts of the body.

Marine Prelude

approx. 45min / 250

exfoliating and remineralizing treatment performer in the SPA capsule. The treatment removes toxic deposits , which leads to better metabolism, elimination of cellulite and adipose tissue, improves skin elasticity and firmness, adds vitality , nourishes and mineralizes the skin

Frigi THALGO Wrap

approx. 45min / 220

HYPOTHERMIC firming and slimming treatment.Procedure with micronized marine algae activates blood circulation, firms the skin and improves its condition